Actionable intelligence as a service

Actionable Intelligence as a Service

Many telecom and tower companies, data centres, and other facilities
operators have invested in various RMS systems, smart elements and IoT
to achieve remote connectivity and visibility at their mission critical
facilities. However, there is a continuous lack of actionable
information that leads to non-data driven decisions, uncontrolled OPEX
and blind CAPEX investments.

In this webinar, we introduce Actionable Intelligence as a Service
(AIaas), PLC’s unique proposition, that utilizes existing data sets
and power of AI, to drive real-time decisions for energy and cooling
optimization, reduced carbon footprint, and increased network
availability. We promise 30-50% sustainable reduction in your total cost
of ownership for facilities infrastructure.

What can the attendees expect to learn?

  • Actionable Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)
  • How does Actionable Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) impact the current network infrastructure?
  • Financial Benefits
  • Use Cases

Join us on:

12th May 2022 | 8am-9am EST