Cooling as a Service (CaaS)


Zero CAPEX Investment

receive instant CAPEX for cooling infrastructure

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduced Carbon Footprint

meet carbon emissions targets

Pay-Per-Use Cooling as a Service


pay only for the IT load cooling consumption

Financial Flexibility

Financial Flexibility

flexible financial management of your assets

What is CaaS?

Cooling as a Service (CaaS) enables customers to upgrade their cooling infrastructure to the latest cooling products with no upfront capital investment. Our efficient subscription-based model allows customers to enjoy equipment that is highly efficient, reliable, and allows for real-time performance monitoring PUE and ROI. Our scalable, adaptive, and fast response system provides customers with hefty cashback for their existing cooling equipment, which can be used for other smart investments for increased optimization and visibility.

No Upfront Capital Investment for Cooling Infrastructure
What is AaaS?
OPEX and Energy Consumption Reduction Cooling as a Service
Upgrade at no cost

Our CaaS model requires zero CAPEX to upgrade cooling facilities to the latest and most efficient equipment. This allows for a great reduction in OPEX as well as energy consumption, allowing our customers to pay for what they actually use. Our remote control and visibility also provides our clients with real-time information on total IT loads, cooling consumption, and more.

Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

Use Cases

Telecom Provider OPEX Reduction Zero CAPEX Cooling as a Service

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Instant Cooling Capacity CaaS

Instant Cooling Capacity

Predictable Cost of Ownership CaaS

Predictable Cost of Ownership

Predictive Maintenance CaaS

Predictive Maintenance

Increased Reliability CaaS

Increased Reliability

Enhanced Visibility CaaS

Enhanced Visibility

Governance Compliance CaaS

Governance Compliance


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