integrated alarm management

Integrated Alarms View

for all elements and sensors

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Dispatch Alarms

to NOC, FOPs, SMS and email

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Root Cause Analysis

co-relate multiple alarm incidents

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Configure Alarms Severity

based on your standards

Real or False Alarms?

PLC’s state-of-the-art alarms management solution provides comprehensive alarms data for the entire facility. This data can be filtered to each abnormal behavior and co-related to the other alarms/alerts, filtering out real alarms from the false ones. Our AI/ML based analysis also pinpoints the specific issue and determines whether or not a site visit is required, and which equipment requires attention. This results in immense OPEX savings, labour and maintenance optimization, and increased network availability.

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Snooze Alarms

Analyze Alarms Data

Threshold & Alerts

Visual Timeline

Timely & Precise Action