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Energy Optimization

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Energy monitoring solutions

Reduced Energy Consumption

PLC’s energy monitoring and optimization solution provides a comprehensive view of overall facility consumption, cooling energy consumption and individual rack/equipment consumption for a small to large facility. We have developed interfaces of several known metering devices to obtain data from your existing installed base of energy meters and related energy sources. Extensive reporting, trends, analysis and other Actionable Intelligence is provided to consistently reduce the energy consumption.

Key Features

  • Site PUE monitoring
  • Multi-tenants monitoring
  • DC load monitoring
  • Cooling energy monitoring
  • PDU monitoring
  • Rack-level monitoring
  • Solar and wind power
  • AC power system
  • Battery monitoring
  • Surge protection
  • Single line power map
  • Breaker panel power
Plc energy monitoring graph

Our Solution

Our energy monitoring and optimization solution provides visibility to the energy utilization and consumption data, allowing better control of costs for each asset.

Each check meter measures an individual asset’s electricity consumption. An electronic meter reading system transmits real-time consumption and trends data. Our client access portal allows customers to view usage and billing information.

OEM Integrations

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