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consistent OPEX reductions on energy and labour costs

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remote monitoring as a service

What is RaaS?

We understand the capital constraints and the competing priorities our customers face daily. Remote monitoring and control as a service (RaaS) is our unique financial model where you can take advantage of our hardware, software, analytics, and support services as a fixed monthly fee with no upfront cost. Our full featured solution not only allows you access to real-time monitoring and control of your remote facilities, but also enhances visibility and reduces energy and labour costs. With no upfront fee or any capital constraints, start reaping the benefits of our offerings now.
remote monitoring as a service

Seamless Integration and Visibility

RaaS allows customers to remotely monitor and control their remote sites, providing increased visibility, and optimization of their facility elements. PLC’s model allows for seamless integration with multi-vendor equipment and controllers, bringing intelligence to your legacy assets through IoT solutions. Through our model, customers can enjoy reduced maintenance site visits and costs, energy savings and more.

remote monitoring as a service

Financial Benefits

remote monitoring as a service

Use Cases

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Increased Visibility

Energy Efficiency

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