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ICT Cooling Optimized

We offer AI-based universal HVAC and free cooling remote monitoring & control solution for mission critical ICT facilities including telecom shelters, edge data centers, modular buildings, and more.

Our universal multi-HVAC and free cooling monitoring and control solution is OEM/vendor neutral and covers both intelligent and non-intelligent ICT cooling equipment including:

  • Wall pack units
  • Split HVACs
  • Packaged/split free air cooling boxes
  • CRAC units
  • In-row cooling
  • Chillers
  • Pumps
  • Walls and more
Cooling Monitoring
cooling monitoring and control solution

Key Features​​​

  • Reduced site energy costs by 20%-35%
  • Energy utilization and trending
  • Optimal resource utilization based on the temperatures for efficiency
  • Filter clog status for scheduled maintenance
  • Maintenance alerts and more


Telecom and data centres are continually challenged with the rising energy costs, and mix and match of the cooling assets. PLC’s cooling monitoring and optimization solution ensures energy optimization, efficient maintenance, flexible control schemes, filter life enhancement and other AI/ML algorithms. The end result is improved EER and PUE. We have demonstrated significant optimization at facilities with the latest cooling equipment but no real-time control and visibility.

PLC cooling monitoring solution

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