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What We Provide

PLC Group Offerings
Continuous CAPEX and OPEX optimization calls for more than just investments into smart devices, RMS systems and IoT.
PLC Group provides a comprehensive package to continuously optimize the CAPEX and OPEX of your mission critical facilities. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning, our industry experience, and hardware/software/integration expertise, to analyze existing data from all sources listed above and provide Actionable Intelligence. Results include consistently reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), improved reliability, energy efficiency, and more.

Key Industries

We provide facilities planning and remote monitoring and control solutions for the listed industries. Our solutions help our customers deal with weather and difficult terrain to remotely exercise generators, control electricity/fuel theft and more. Our efficient and global data gathering process (from various third-party equipment) helps us provide Actionable Intelligence to reduce the TCO for facilities infrastructure.


Cable Landing Stations

Data Centres

Tower Co's


Public Safety Network


OEM Integrations

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