Smart Universal HVAC Controller for Telecom and Data Centres

HVAC controller

HVAC systems form an important part of telecom and data centers as they help to maintain optimal network temperature. Many of the existing HVAC components are stand-alone and work on unbalanced schedules. This increases the load on most of the HVAC units leading to increased wear and tear, overconsumption of energy.

In the traditional model, HVAC controllers are non-intelligent and incapable of relaying useful information to the operators. In some cases, although there are intelligent controllers, they will usually be from different vendors and transfer only limited information. Also, such devices lack interoperability with the central processor due to the difference in the communication protocol.

Due to these reasons, such HVAC controllers can be configured and controlled only on the site, by local installation and management personnel. This poses a serious threat to remote accessibility and maintenance, delaying the execution of quick actions and precautionary measures.

Newer technologies like AI, IoT, ML, and Big Analytics can be exploited to make HVAC controllers smarter. PLC has developed an HVAC controller that addresses most of these issues by communicating effectively with both intelligent and non-intelligent HVACs. PLC Group equips non-intelligent HVACs with smart sensors and then connects all the HVAC monitoring components at the Mission Critical facility. This removes the need for multiple HVAC controllers and facilitates data collection from every node of the network.

PLC’s smart universal HVAC controller is equipped with a multi-communication protocol to ensure cross-platform compatibility. It digitally integrates hardware and software with analytics and actionable intelligence. The collected data is relayed in real-time to the centralized monitoring system to facilitate remote analysis. Agile technologies are used to observe definite patterns exhibited by the collected information.

Installers, technicians, maintenance personnel, service providers, and others can access the data remotely. All modules can be configured and controlled using a single interface. The staff can examine the anomalies and can take quick corrective actions well in advance. This predictive maintenance optimizes the performance of HVACs while lowering their energy consumption.

This smart universal HVAC controller is also able to integrate with weather forecasting which helps to modify the settings with respect to changing temperatures. This results in reduced operational load and decreased fuel consumption.

Smart universal HVAC controllers optimize the temperature of the telecom and data centers under various conditions. This ensures adequate cooling for critical components and optimizes energy utilization, reduces network downtime, and lowers maintenance expenditure.

This controller supports various protocols including Modbus RTU/TCP, CAN, SNMP and BACnet. It establishes communication with remote devices via Ethernet, serial, or wireless means. Most of them are fitted with a large LCD panel that displays all the configured parameters.

This smart universal HVAC controller is a single-box solution that enhances the visibility of facility infrastructure. It can be configured either at the workstation through the use of an offline computer or remotely via web-enabled devices such as mobiles and laptops. It provides all necessary information at your fingertips and acts as an early warning system by conveying real-time notifications for operational errors and malfunctions.


The use of smart universal HVAC controllers is a comprehensive solution that aids the service providers to achieve optimal performance while ensuring business growth and profitability. It not only reduces the expenditure but also adds value to the infrastructure by ensuring better utilization of energy and aiding remote operation and maintenance.

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