PLC Group AQue Platform for Predictive Maintenance through Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Maintenance through Artificial Intelligence

What is Predictive Maintenance

In AI or machine learning, predictive maintenance refers to the ability to use volumes of data to anticipate and address potential issues before they lead to breakdowns in operations, processes, services, or systems. Having strong predictive maintenance tools in place enables Organizations to anticipate when and where potential breakdown can occur and move to respond to them to prevent potential interruption in service.

Predictive Maintenance Vs Preventive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is like preventive maintenance as both are termed as “scheduled maintenance”. However, there is a greater difference and value when it scales down to predictive maintenance due the model and power it entails in software and data analytics. However, one should not confuse the power of the system with human intelligence that comes with relevant and no. of years of experience.

Why is Predictive Maintenance important?

Implementing predictive maintenance enables Organizations to maintain critical for as long as possible to ensure that systems remain operation. This allows Organizations to use their existing data to stay a step ahead of potential breakdowns and disruptions and address the proactively instead reacting to issues as the surface. PLC’s AQue Platform algorithms use raw data and convert this into actionable intelligence for making informed decisions.

PLC Group’s AQue Platform is a powerful yet scalable software that has the capabilities to integrate intelligent and non- intelligent assets deployed at mission critical facilities infrastructure to connect virtually through SNMP/Modbus/MQTT or TCP IP protocols over the network. The health and stability of an intelligent network demands a robust approach to predict challenges a site can present and help the engineers plan a smart approach to keep the assets running by merely using actionable intelligence for predictive maintenance.

Over the period of eight years, PLC Group developed one of the most advance platforms to help Telco operators make critical and timely decisions that challenged their Capex and, in some scenarios, OPEX spending. Customers’ savings in terms of time and investment were manifold in relation to TCO (Total cost of ownership) The art behind AQue Platform is to gather, analyze, process, and integrate asset optimization. By using advance algorithms, the Platform can keep a live track of resources for their current, historical, and futuristic usage and showcase the data into one single Dashboard for users to plan resource management of the deployed assets to prevent downtime. Post analysis of the data is used to predict steps needed to optimize the network for optimal efficiency, scalability, and future planning. Needless to say PLC’ AQue Platform stands at the paramount of Actionable Intelligence for predictive maintenance of mission critical facilities

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