Cooling Strategies for 5G Growth


Eliminate capital expenditure (CAPEX) and provide data driven predictions that optimize cooling assets while lowering the energy and operational costs (OPEX)

5G is already revolutionizing the human experience and raising expectations on availability, speed, and reliability. This is posing a challenge for the Telcos, service providers, and their entire ecosystem. Service providers must scale their facilities for the present and future, with limited CAPEX, environmental considerations and keeping the OPEX lowered.

In this webinar, we explore how some of the industry leaders are already dealing with these challenges and shed light on innovative concepts such as Cooling as a Service. This focuses on eliminating the CAPEX, providing data driven predictions, and optimizing cooling assets while lowering the energy and operational costs (OPEX).

Find answers to the following questions:

  • How will 5G impact the Telecom infrastructure?
  • What are the techniques already tried and tested for scalability and lowered CAPEX and OPEX?
  • How are Telcos preparing to deal with environmental challenges while the demand for cooling is increasing?
  • What is a better financial model?
  • What is Cooling as a Service?
  • What is data-driven Actionable Intelligence from PLC Group and how can this benefit cooling for 5G?

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