Case Study: Benefits of Using Generator Remote Monitoring (RMC) for Telecom Enterprises


Be Safe, Be Efficient, Reduce Operating Costs:

Benefits of Using Remote Monitoring and Control

As Safety is at the forefront of every business, regardless of scale. Essential services organizations are no exception.

In this particular case, the ones that provide and support reliable communications for households, the field staff’s safety while maintaining minimum physical contact is imperative.

Case Study in Safety, Efficiency and OPEX reduction

In the increasingly competitive environment, MSO’s are continuously challenged to keep the network availability high while keeping operating costs low.

Backup generators play a vital role in case of power outages to keep the services running. There are several points of failure while dealing with the Generators, such as Fuel levels, leakages, startup batteries, block heaters, etc.

Generators require continuous testing to ensure availability in case of power outages due to natural disasters such as snowstorms, hurricanes, and others. This requires ongoing internal or third-party field resources. This task becomes even more challenging in extreme weather conditions.

The current pandemic has made it even harder for adequate safety measures and planning to ensure physical contact and compliance with the health regulations. The safety and security of the personnel coupled with the inefficiency pose a big issue for MSO’s. This is one of the many challenges that may be solved with the PLC AI-based Generator Remote Monitoring & Control Solutions.

This particular case involved multiple installations over a large geographical area, some of which were quite remote. A set run schedule was requiring extensive labour hours, vehicles, drive times, and expenses, taking the time away from other equally critical issues.

Problem Identified

These are the problems identified regarding the Generators’ reliable, safe, and cost-efficient operation for Mission Critical Operations.

  • Genset Periodic and on-demand testing requiring field resources and expertise.
  • Genset Fuel levels and leakage issues could only be physically detected. This could result in non-availability of the fuel when required, as well as environmental impacts.
  • Not detecting Genset battery failures in time, resulting in not running when required.
  • Block heaters year-round fuel consumption.
  • Often times block heaters’ issues remain undetected until the Genset fails to start.

Problem Solved

PLC has made its mission to enable Telecom companies to safely and reliably maintain their facilities network using Remote Control and Monitoring. The added benefits are the OPEX reduction requiring less driving and travel times.

A comprehensive Generator Remote Monitoring solution was deployed, enabling the safe remote testing of the Generators to monitor the following parameters and stats on the go:

  • Real-time fuel monitoring
  • Real-time leakage detection
  • Real-time battery fault detection
  • Real-time block heater energy optimization and failure detection

All of these steps resulted in huge OPEX reduction and improvement in reliability of the Genset assets.

A comprehensive report was issued from the deployed hardware and software that could provide insights into the maintenance of the assets.

Results Delivered and ROI

With many initiatives are competing for the CAPEX within the organizations, it is crucial to choose the initiatives that provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Our Generator Remote Monitoring solution was estimated to deliver the ROI of fewer than 18 months, resulting in ongoing OPEX savings, as well as the following intangible benefits:

  • Network reliability improvement
  • Improved customer client retention
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Safe and rapid response time in case of natural disasters
Benefits of Remote Monitoring Solution

Solution Deployed

PLC deployed its proven TCU-800 hardware with various fuel, temperature, and other sensors. The firmware and software provided state-of-the-art GUI that enabled the remote users with easy to perform steps and checks to test the full functionality of the generator operations.

The only requirement from the user was having access to a browser (Such a high bar!). A local 7 inch display was also provided on for local interfacing. The users are able to initiate testing remotely and locally and produce reports in PDF format that could be saved or emailed.

The next step is to initiate predictive maintenance scheduling using AI and automated system-generated testing based on weather forecasts to ensure smooth operations pre-empting any potential issues.

Bringing smart solutions to business problems is especially necessary as businesses face increasing competition. Every dollar saved through efficiency can be reinvested back into your business.

PLC Group’s RMC solutions are applicable to the following industries:

  • Telecom
  • Data Centers
  • Tower Companies
  • Critical Facilities
  • Oil and Gas companies

Innovation keeps businesses in the game. Contact us for more information on how to streamline your business efficiently.

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